Using Blockchain to Increase the Potential of Gaming

Using blockchain to provide low cost and highly transparent lottery platform solutions.
The World’s First Fully Licensed Blockchain Lottery.

Value Proposition

Low cost to suit highly competitive and emerging markets.

Tech and currency agnostic to provide broad coverage.

Decentralised delivering transparency and trust to the user and to the regulator.

Flexible enabling the discovery of new business models.

Our blockchain lottery solutions are uniquely positioned

  • Use in highly competitive mature markets

    Low cost to maximize profitability

  • Use in high volume emerging markets

    Low cost with scale to maximize growth

  • Combine with traditional tech

    Our solutions use blockchain where it improves delivery or enhances the user experience. We also work and integrate with traditional technologies

  • Process payments from any currency

    We work with crypto and fiat currencies

  • Give regulators direct access

    Regulators can be part of the process

  • Give players peace of mind

    The transparency and trust provided by smart contracts

  • Discover new opportunities

    Flexible solutions that enable the discovery of new business models

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